Meet Echo

Your hands free cooking companion

Echo is a virtual assitant that walks you through recipes. Let Echo manage the recipe while you focus on being a chef.

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Start by gathering your ingredients

Echo knows about the ingredients in your recipe so you can ask questions like, "How much butter?" and Echo will reply with the exact amount the recipe calls for. As you collect the milk cross it off your list by saying, "I have the milk."

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Listen to the recipe while you focus on the meal

Echo reads your recipes out loud, letting you keep both hands free while you cook. When you're ready, ask for the next step and it will be read to you.

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Collect and organize your recipes

Create collections to store all your favorite recipes. Echo has tons of options to organize your recipes, from folders and favorites to a lightning fast search.

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Get just the recipe not the story

Echo removes stories and other fluff so you get just the ingredients and directions. The entire internet is your cookbook. Import a recipe from any website and start cooking.

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